Briefly About Our Company

The Atlantic Ocean isn’t the largest on Earth, but it is the most popular for trade and shipping. For centuries, the Americas, Europe, and Africa utilized this enormous natural resource as a primary path to exchange goods, services, and information.

This was the inspiration behind the Atlantic Web Exchange.

We’ve picked up where previous generations of traditional business left off—by helping to guide the goods, services and knowledge of the twenty-first century. This is where business meets the web.

Josue Acosta is a self-made full-deck web developer with an entrepreneurial spirit. An endless passion for new technology and current marketing strategies is the driving force behind each of his projects.

With a Midwestern work ethic and eternally positive attitude, Acosta is a results-driven professional dedicated to delivering a uniquely personal experience to every client.


Connect to the largest market in the world

Atlantic Web Exchange - Where your business meets the web

What we do?

Logos and Flyers and Social Media, oh my! Each service perfect for your business.

Web Design

Extend the reach to your customers. Is your website designed to sell you?


Being found is a major factor in driving sales. How well do you rank on the web?

Email Campaigns

Emails keep you in your customer’s mind every step of their purchasing journey.

Website Redesign

I'll do it myself...oops. I understand you need to save cash, so let me help.

Web Applications

Public or online webpages that provide a work related a function.

Business Cards

The true, loyal friend to the business person. Don't get caught without one.


Share more than contact information with the customer on the go.


Interactive quizzes help find what your customers really want.